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No limits to your creativity. Whether it is a super-busy celebrity, an icon from the past or a deceased person, you can hire them for your project. Digital Doubles meet your needs, timings and production conditions. Share your idea and get a quote.

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Licensing and
Rights negotiation

We can offer you an option from our private Talent Base or request your desired Talent on your behalf. Our Legal team specialises in AI and licensing and is ready to advise on your cases.

Digital Double Creation

Deepcake AI Lab exclusively provides us with state-of-the-art AI to create hyperrealistic Digital Doubles

Digital Double Implementation

Our experienced Production Team supervises your shooting to ensure smooth implementation of a Digital Double. We can also provide a full range of Production and VFX services upon your request.


We can handle casting on our own or support and guide your team throughout the entire process to approve the right candidate

Why us?


Deepcake AI Lab provides state-of-the-art AI and our VFX&Production Team ensures smooth implementation

Terms Negotiation

You do not have to negotiate the rights as we can take care of all the process

Media about us


Deepfakes use artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technology to render realistic videos. The tech has so far been used to mimic celebrities and other well-known individuals with surprising accuracy


When we combine all of these technologies, we can talk about digital immortality, because we can recreate any person, like a digital twin with that person's mindset, behavior, voice, and appearance


One gets their own fully accurate 'digital twin' which may substitute them anywhere — on their own decision


Our general mission is to help celebrities monetize their digital copies while being fully in control of their use and managing the rights

This localization video tool has greatly improved our team's efficiency when it comes to translating and adapting our videos for different markets. The interface is user-friendly and the support team is always quick to help with any questions we have. Overall, we're very happy with our purchase.

Jane Smith
Company name

We recently started using this localization video tool for our international campaigns and it has been a game-changer. The automated translation feature is accurate and saves us so much time, and the ability to easily add and edit subtitles is crucial. Definitely recommend giving it a try!

David Brown
Company name

We were skeptical at first about using a localization video tool, but it has proven to be a valuable asset for our business. The ability to translate and subtitle videos in multiple languages has allowed us to reach a wider audience and expand into new markets. The team at the company is also very helpful and responsive to any questions or concerns we have had. Highly recommend!

Kevin Williams
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